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For NC Senate

After service to his country through a distinguished career in the military, Larry is ready to serve the citizens of NC Senate District 22 by bringing change and a fresh perspective to the NC Senate. Although Larry has never held an elected office, he is no stranger to serving his community. As a longtime resident of the District he played an active role in the school system by serving as a member of the Easley site based decision making team and establishing an Exceptional Children's component of the Durham PTA. He also served on the special needs advisory committee of Durham Parks & Rec. His current community volunteer effort is developing the local VFW property, located in Bragtown, to provide over 150 units of affordable housing along with a Veteran & Community Co-op. 

Larry believes government should protect opportunities, not provide outcomes and understands that the issues facing the district are complex and don't have an easy fix. But he has the kind of experience, in both military and community leadership, that is nonpartisan and focused on how to get people to complete a mission rather than taking sides and protecting special interests.

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Making a

Serving with Integrity - Larry is dedicated to compassion for all, respect for others, commitment to the issues, and integrity and accountability in action. 

Investing in Education - Every child is unique and must have access to quality learning opportunities, whether public, charter, or private. This requires equitable and meaningful investment in our public schools. 

Housing Opportunities - New and creative housing solutions are needed to solve the housing affordability crisis. Solutions must ensure Durham residents access to housing that meets their needs while addressing the relationship between employment opportunities and housing availability

Criminal Justice ReformBuild on the success of Senate Bill 300, specifically the study of the state's criminal laws with a goal of clarifying and consolidating existing crimes.

Responsible  Budgeting - Future budgets should  meet the needs of the state while returning tax dollars to the citizens for use in their local economy.

Advocate for Military, Veterans, and their Families - As a military retiree and current advocate for military issues, Larry understands the challenges that veterans and military families face and knows the issues that most need to be addressed in North Carolina.

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