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About Larry

Growing up in rural Missouri, the son of an autoworker and the grandson of a cement truck driver, Larry learned the importance of hard work at an early age. Understanding the importance of hard work, but unsure of what the future held, he enlisted in the Army after high school. His first five years in the Army taught him discipline, and Durham Tech and UNC-Chapel Hill taught him the importance of an education. But it wasn’t until he completed Army Officer Candidate school and started a family that he found a sense of direction. Shortly after starting a family, over 20 years ago, Durham became home for Larry and Cristi. During these 20 years, just as their family grew, so did Durham. While still serving in uniform Larry deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as in a number of engagements in Africa that included training peacekeeping forces and disaster response for African governments and militaries.


In addition to his military service, Larry became active in the community through involvement in Durham Public Schools, Durham Parks & Recreation, the local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and his local church. He volunteered in a variety of positions within the Durham Public Schools and Parks and Recreation that worked to improve outcomes and opportunities for the exceptional children of the school system and special Parks & Recreation programs. Larry’s most recent effort with the VFW includes developing the current property located in Bragtown for affordable housing, as well as a Veterans and Bragtown Community Co-op. The Co-op will be a collaboration of non-profit, private, and governmental organizations dedicated to serving the local veteran population and their families, as well as the Bragtown community.

Along with volunteering in the Durham community, Larry works full-time as an executive director of a non-profit that supports the North Carolina National Guard, and he volunteers as the Commander of the North Carolina Veterans Council.